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New Gear

We also carry a wide selection of NEW items and accessories. We have some of the best prices around on cymbals, mic stands, and many other popular items. Grab a guitar and try our new & used guitar effect pedal display to find your perfect sound. Our amps, guitar effects, and keyboards are plugged in and ready for a test drive in our store. We offer 30-day, 25%-down layaway.

You'll never have to ask us for our best price. It's always on the tag.

We love trade-ins!

We carry:
Strings by GHS (Battle Creek), EB, Markley, DR, Elixir, Martin, and D'Addario
Pro Co Rapco-Horizon cables - (Kalamazoo) 
Seagull and Art & Lutherie guitars (Made in Canada)
Yamaha Guitars

On Stage Stands

Shure Microphones

Casio and Yamaha Keyboards 

Kala, Makala, and various used Ukeleles

Effects by Boss and MXR and Electro Harmonix

Remo and Evans drum heads
Gibraltar drum hardware
Drum sticks and mallets by Pro-Mark, Vic Firth, Vater, and Balter
Reeds by Vandoren, Rico, Lurie, Hemke, Charles, Lesher, Legere, and La Voz